“We’ll face NPP with guns and bullets in 2024 Elections” – Hanna Bissiw assures


The National Women Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Hanna Louisa Bissiw has charged his party faithful and leadership to face their rivals the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2024 elections boot for boot..

From her standpoint, whatever the NPP comes at them with, they’ll match at equal measure. “When they come at us with guns and bullets, we should face them with guns and bullets”, Madam Hanna Bissiw charged.

Hanna Bisiw stated that “The chaos that happened during elections that made them rob us will not happen again. That is why I’m saying that no, NDC has been very diplomatic. You give me a small place to build my embassy I give you a small place; you give me a big place I give you a big place. So, when they come at us with guns and bullets we should face them with guns and bullets”

“It is fake peace when you say you slap me and I’m quite so there is peace, you shoot at us, you kill us we are quiet so there is peace, NO”, she added.

She continued criticising President Nana Addo’s government associating it with violence .

“We were quiet, we suffered, and in a society where there is so much injustice, silence becomes a crime, and we are not going to be part of this criminal activity. We are going to speak out, and we are going to be very diplomatic in our dealings. When they come at us with knives, we will face them with knives because were quiet, and they wounded us, we were quiet, and they robbed us and today people want to pretend in this nation that it was OK what happened”, Hanna Bissiw stressed

It has also been established that, the 2020 general elections recorded about 60 election related violence with at least 8 reported deaths across the country as a result