John Kumah posits funeral attending as part of the job description of an MP


The Deputy Minister-nominee for Finance and MP for Ejisu, John Kumah, has made a shocking job description as an MP during Citi TV’s Point of View interview.

The Ejisu Member of Parliament in his quest to explain the use of V8s by MP, firstly established that MPs buy such vehicles with their own money.

“Let me tell you, the Member of Parliament’s V8 is bought with his own money, it’s a loan. I don’t get the point we are making. Are you saying that you are the same as the Member of Parliament? The car that he drives, he is buying it with his own money,” he stated.

The reason for using such cars’ is as a result of the enormous tasks and rounds done by this same MPs. It is therefore wise to get the best of car to go about the daily workings of an MP to help improve his or her constituency.

He argued that despite the nation facing problems that require efficient and cost-effective spending, taking away the privileges of officials including MPs will not automatically translate into alleviating the plight of the average Ghanaian.

Lastly, he emphasized that attending funerals is part of the job description of MPs and as such must be allowed to use such vehicles.