#FixTheCountry: “Do not deny the rights of the youth to protest” – Bagbin to Govt


Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has also thrown in his point on the #FixtheCountry campaign of citizens expressing their dissatisfaction in the living conditions in the country. He is urging the Government to allow for peaceful demonstration.

His admonition comes days after Police Service secured an injunction against the protest of a social media movement, #FixTheCountry.

In a message to mark Eid-ul-Fitr, Mr. Bagbin surmised that Ghana’s challenges will be tackled if the youth are allowed to hold those in power accountable through protests.

“I wish to commend the youth, both Muslims and Christians, who are demanding a lot more pragmatic measures from the leadership of our country to fix the numerous challenges that confront us at the moment. It is obvious that the majority of the concerns expressed by the Fix Ghana Movement have existed since our independence. However, it is also true that these challenges have become more pronounced in today’s Ghana.”

“Our country is failing, and we must work together in a peaceful approach to avoid recourse to violence. A peaceful approach includes acknowledging the rights of individuals to assemble and to demonstrate without any subterfuge calculated at denying the youth of that right. The youth seeking to protest are not misguided law-breakers. They are patriots and citizens; citizens in the sense that the President called for in his first inaugural address,” he added in a statement.

The movement which was started two weeks ago has been mainly online, with thousands of Ghanaians voicing their frustrations with the Akufo-Addo government.

The group has cited dumsor, unemployment, poor healthcare systems as proof of successive governments’ mismanagement of the country.