Man protects boss’ land after he passed away; gives it to boss’ son 30 yrs later


A story that shatters the wall of ethnicity and tribe has played out and the hope it gives for a bright future is amazing.

A young man with the Twitter handle @sarnchos on Tuesday, May 25, revealed how a Hausa man had been loyal for almost 30 years to his family.

In an early thread he made in 2019, he wrote about how the man who was over 90 at that time had been keeping his father’s property since his dad’s demise in 1992.Man married to 12 wives narrates he is able to manage them with spiritual powers

@sarnchos revealed that for most of those years, he never collected any salary but fed himself from the things he grows on the land.

The man who was moved by his action said he really does not know how to reward such a person who had unmatchable loyalty.

In 2021, the son quoted those tweets he made in 2019 and said the old man is set to return to his home in Kano state.

The baba as he is called told @sarnchos that his work is done as he has completed a good job in protecting the parcel of land.

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