“I disagree with High Court ruling …”– Nana Akomea


After the ruling of the case between Achimota school and the Rastafarians, many have given their thoughts on the ruling by the Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court on Monday ordering Achimota School to admit Tyron Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea.

There have been various discussion raised which has also given for the acceptance of the ruling and non-acceptance of the same.

The latest to have commented on the case and ruling in particular is a leading member of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akomea, who disagrees with the ruling by the Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court.

He made this known during on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo program in which he urged Achimota to pursue the case to the highest level. He again commended the family of the students for taking the option of going to court.

He again advanced that the ruling by the high court could spell doom as students would be allowed to do whatever they wish in the name of belief.

“I disagree with the ruling by the High Court. I would want Achimota to appeal this case to at least the Appeals Court, they shouldn’t leave it at the High Court. I think the High Court erred because we have rules. Every institution has rules so if you don’t agree with the rules, let them change it

You can’t take things into your hands. If we do, that there will be chaos. If a school says these are my rules, and you think the laws are against your beliefs, you have to make them change it. You can’t just say they should admit you: he expressed.