Old Videos of Twene Jonas in Ghana ‘blasting’ leaders before leaving the country


A look into the popular sensational Ghanaian videographer Twene Jonas’ demeanour and actions before leaving the shores of Ghana.

There had been various arguments indicating that he only started raining insults and speaking against the leadership of the country when he left Ghana, but, old videos of him suggest otherwise.

At the time he shot the old videos, Twene Jonas made a lot of sense, but not many people paid attention to him. Now, everyone knows him for always comparing the West African state’s level of development to that of America

In the footage that has gained a lot of attention online, Jonas spoke on different occasions when he was still in Ghana about the slow and detestable nature of development in the country. Although he made a lot of sense in his disposition, nobody paid much attention because he looked like just another hustler trying to go viral.

To Jonas Twene, Ghana is developing at a snail’s pace as compared to that of the USA and goes on to add that nothing really works in Ghana.