VIDEO: “I have proof of your incessant demand for sex” Abena Korkor shows WhatsApp chats with Nkonkonsa


Abena Korkor during a period of manic episode which is associated with bipolar disorder, resorted to naming some men she had had sexual relation with. Among the named included Ghanaian blogger Eugene Osafo Nkansah aka Nkonkonsa.

For Eugene, Abena Korkor claims she never allowed him to sleep with her, but he licked her good and many times.

After this revelation, Eugene (Nkonkonsa) showed a message Abena Korkor sent him apologizing (For exposing him) to the panelist on Peace FM Entertainment review.

Abena Korkor on the other has also come out with her version of the chat which she claims Eugene sent and the main cause of the apology was to maintain friendship and not any other thing.

She claims from how he was always begging her to allow him to eat her P, she got the impression Eugene’s wife, Victoria Lebene (Actress) does not have a nice coochie. She also wondered if Eugene’s Mallam has promised him he will get rich if he licked her every day.

Watch the video below