VIDEO: GRA awards Dr Kwaku Oteng for being diligent in tax payment as against claims made by Captain Smart


The Ghana Revenue Authority, an institution mandated to collect tax for the country, has awarded the Chairman of Angel Group of Companies, Dr Kwaku Oteng for being diligent in the payment of tax.

According to GRA, Dr. Oteng was the number taxpayer in the Ashanti Region in the year under review, that is, ‘2020 Excise Taxpayer’ when they tabulated the taxpayers in the region.

This in effect has debunked claims made by a former employee of ABN, Captain Smart, who alleged that the Ghana Revenue Authority had threatened to impose on him(Dr. Oteng) undue tax if he does not stop him (Captain Smart) from making the Government unpopular.

Dr. Oteng also expressed his appreciation to the Revenue for recognizing him and also clearing the air over false alarmed propagated on Social Media. He urged the Government to also play its part in helping taxpayers and made a clarion call especially on fixing of roads which leads to his company.