VIDEO: I hear whatever news about me on social media but live everything to God — Dr. Kwaku Oteng


Millionaire Dr. Kwaku Oteng has finally responded to Captain Smart over claims that he sent dignitaries to beg him to come back to work.

On Friday, Captain Smart revealed on his Smart Television Station that following his suspension, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, the founder of ABN has sent people to beg him to return to work but he wouldn’t.

He revealed he’s resigning because he cannot afford to be blamed for the collapse of Angel Broadcasting Network as Dr. Kwaku Oteng claims huge taxes are being imposed on him because of his work at ABN.

According to report, Captain Smart lied about his resignation. He was rather dismissed.

Dr. Kwaku Oteng through the CEO of ABN, Bronzy sent Captain Smart his dismissal letter on Friday for continually running down the company’s name on his Smart TV.

According to report, his dismissal letter was sent to him on Friday before he cunningly revealed on his TV that Dr. Kwaku Oteng is begging him to come back but he has resigned.

Watch to the video below;