VIDEO: “If the system in UK is working, how many people have died there as compared to Ghana” Kennedy Agyapong questions Agyin Asare


Bishop Agyin Asare made a video during his visit in the UK and according to him, he truly has seen how the system is indeed working. He borrowed the words of Twene Jonas during the live video.

He outlined how the Government in the UK made sure he tested negative before being ALLOWED TO MOVE OUT. And it wasn’t just by mouth, but by consistent calling and daily checks on him.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has also responded to the video made by the man of God concerning how the system in UK is working better than Ghana.

To him the question he is asking is, “if indeed the system in UK is working how many people have died as compared to Ghana”. Another narrative he gave was how whatever Bishop Agyin Asare stated had already been done by the President of Ghana.

He therefore entreated Ghanaians to be appreciative of the efforts made by Nana Addo and stop making a fuss about Fix the country.