VIDEO: Manasseh the Word Changer names pastors in the smoking ‘business’ as he reacts to his own(video of him smoking)


In a video going viral on the internet, Manasseh the word changer could be seen smoking wee whiles drinking.

The said video has caused many to doubt the authenticity of his calling as a man of God. He gained fame by exposing men of God on various TV platforms especially Net2.

Manasseh in reacting to the video described it as a way of people using social media to defame him. Not only that, he called on anyone behind it to come out and face his wrath.

He described the video as old and that he has officially made it known in the media in every interview he granted.

This really comes as a surprise as people thought he has changed from his evil ways for the better after deciding to expose some bad pastors ruining God’s church.