VIDEO: “When you were deceiving people, was I working with you?; I am not your classmate ” Gloria Kani replies Agradaa (Evang. Patricia)


The new beef alert is that of Evangelist Gloria Kani and Evangelist Patricia Asiedu. It can be recalled that OneGhanaTV reported of a video Nana Agradaa now called Evangelist Asiedu made for Gloria.

In the said video, the converted Agradaa was not only throwing some jabs at Kani, but was also describing her as a deviant in Christianity. She went on to call her names and even question how true her repentance was.

Gloria Kani after watching the video came hard at Agradaa for her descriptions and questioning. From her narrative, she has no relation with Agradaa and does not want to associate with her.

With regard to the video, Agradaa used as reference to blast her, Kani questioned if her name is written in the bible because she only used the Bible as reference and not her.

Gloria Kani tagged Agradaa as a senseless old woman who has been bewitched and therefore detest peace. She dared Agradaa to respond, and she will face her wrath.