VIDEO: They aren’t Armed Robbers, The Gun belongs to me – Snr Brother of ‘Gun welding Guys’ speaks.


Following the recent persistent robbery in the country, a new video has surfaced on social media that sees some young men believed to be armed robbers flaunting guns.

The video sees four men holding guns and warning Ghanaians to run when they see them on the streets.

They are head in the video saying “No good advice” as they flaunt their guns including an Ak 47.

From what people are saying on social media, they mistakenly sent the video into a WhatsApp group but before they could delete it some people had already downloaded it.

Some other groups are saying they are the actual robbers who attacked the bullion van and killed the police officer guiding the van before bolting with the money.

Despite the police’s assurance of protecting the citizens, we believe it’s high time people take their security very seriously.