VIDEO: Owusu Bempah’s Curse won’t work because I have done a lot in his life – Nana Agradaa


In a statement to his congregation at his church, self-declared nations prophet Owusu Bempah made some startling remarks that have many people scratching their heads. He does not agree with those who feel that God’s men should not curse those who offend them, according to him. “I am not holier than Noah in the Bible, but he cursed certain people, and it worked,” he remarked. The same God who helped Noah is the same God who is helping me. I’m here to curse a few folks.”

He went on to say that the reason he doesn’t like cursing is because he is extremely powerful, and whatever words come out of his mouth in anger have very severe results for those who irritate him.

“In Ghana, two well-known pastors have wronged me, and I curse them.” One of them is no longer alive, and the other was struck by a car and put into a coma. Before I prayed for him to come back to life, his relatives had to beg my pardon.”

He went on to say that because of how God has raised him up, some men of God in the country are jealous of him and want to tear him down spiritually, so they sowed evil against him by collecting sand from his church premises and transporting it to the Northern region. Their preparations, however, were thwarted when the witch doctor performing the procedure told them that he couldn’t go any further because Owusu Bempah was highly anointed.

“I had to put my life on the line to save someone who was about to die.” He wasn’t a member of my family, and I didn’t know who he was, but I had no choice but to save him from death. Because he had to flee his home to escape being slain, I hired him a motel for five months. Not only did I provide refuge for him, but I also fed him. I had spent Ghc150, 000 on him alone in a short amount of time, the last time I checked. All of this was motivated by my passion for humanity.” He has now revolted against me, claiming all kinds of bogus truths about me, after doing all of this to spare him from death.”