VIDEO: You have no Right to Disrespect my King – Afia Schwar fires Bishop Dag Heward Mills


Afia Schwar has warned the bishop that he should apologize for his attack and also for his joke of an apology.

Dag Heward-Mills has been under fire recently due to old audio of him attacking Otumfour which has been resurfaced by Net 2 TV.

In the audio, Heward-Mills attacks Otumfour as a useless king.

According to him, all he’s good for is holding extravagant parties to celebrate anniversaries on the throne and organizing lavish funerals.

He also said Otumfour is a womanizer sleeping around with girls.

Heward-Mills said Otumfour is part of the useless kings we have in Africa who would leave no legacy behind for their people.

Needles to say Asanteman was furious with the preacher.

He quickly came out to apologize for his words after the audio went viral.

He sent a letter to Manhyia Palace in which he apologized, claiming the audio was over 20-years old and had been resurfaced by his enemies.

However, the apology was rejected by Manhyia and he was instructed to apologize publicly or face the consequences.

Afia Schwar has also decided to add her voice. She claims Heward-Mills’ apology was a joke and he should come out and apologise for the apology.

She warned him that if he doesn’t do so they also have his secrets they could release to the world.