VIDEO: “God will punish you people” – Gloria Kani lashes out on the leadership of the country


Yesterday’s heavy downpour saw some places in Kumasi flooded. People have been ascribing flooding to only the capital city when it rains.

Kani Gloria shared a video of her area flooded as she shares her ordeal. According to her, the authorities had sold a land which is a waterway, thereby blocking the easy passage of the water.

She called on the authorities to be mindful and compassionate on the citizens as they are the same people they seek their votes when coming to power.

Her much sorrow is the loss associated with the flood as she has lost everything she’s using to operate her ‘chop bar’ including the pistil and mortar.

“God will punish you people for ignoring the citizens. What do you expect a man trying to build his life and will lose it to flood? The next option for such a gentleman is to start robbing,” she expressed.