2021 Census: Counting begins


The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) Sunday began the genuine specification of individuals, beginning with those on the way.

Enumerators in the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) visited different spots to include individuals in destitute families in stopgap designs and open spaces, depicted as “outside sleepers”, individuals who were on the way, those at transport terminals, the individuals who were spending short stays in establishments, for example, lodgings and visitor houses and emergency clinics.

The Census Night, characterized as the period between 6 p.m. recently and 6 a.m. earlier today, saw in excess of 60,000 enumerators the nation over going through the late evening checking the qualified class of individuals.

Sunday, the including of individuals in huge clinics and lodgings had begun the nation over, the Government Statistician, Prof. Samuel Kobina Annim, told the Daily Graphic.

He said in the lodgings, structures would likewise left to be filled by visitors who were not accessible to finish them.

For the external sleepers, the objective of the enumerators was to tally practically all, yet the officials, who wore intelligent blue coats, conveyed ID cards and clung to all COVID-19 conventions, would get back to the spots for a mop up.

“Enumerators will leave get back to cards at homes where nobody is at home to respond to questions. All are encouraged to utilize the get back to cards to plan a helpful time that enumerators can return,” Prof. Annim expressed.

He said to try not to twofold check during the activity, all people listed last night would be given a ‘testaments of specification’.


Prior, at a press instruction yesterday, the Government Statistician had clarified that last night’s activity was limited to the short stay and destitute families, with the including and count of individuals in families and long-stay organizations beginning from today until Sunday, July 11, this year.

Prof. Annim said nobody was needed to make a trip or move to a particular spot just to be identified, focusing on that “all individuals ought to approach their typical the same old thing”.

He showed that a grown-up individual from a family/establishment could respond to the inquiries for different individuals.

The Government Statistician, who was at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle himself for the list work out, expressed gratitude toward general society for their collaboration during the posting exercise and said the assistance was relying on some help for the specification.