“Your hands are stained with the blood of the dead because of your refusal to act” Manasseh to Nana Addo


Praised insightful writer Manasseh Azure Awuni has accused the severity and killings executed by the police and military in the country on President Nana Akufo-Addo, focusing on that as Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces he can’t be excused from fault since he has neglected to follow up on such matters.

His declaration returns on the of the abuse of certain residents in Wa yesterday by soldiers who had been irritated by the taking of a telephone and different things having a place with one of their partners.

“You can’t be calling yourself the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces in a majority rule Ghana while this barbarity and idiocy happen each day.

Your hands are stained with the blood of the dead and the harmed due to your refusal to act and stop them” Mr Awuni composed via web-based media

He then, at that point, gave a rundown of amateurish activities by the security offices and how the President neglected to make proper correctional moves to turn away future repeat

In the event that the footsoldiers who killed in Techiman South had been rebuffed, the individuals who started shooting in Ejura would have reconsidered prior to pulling the trigger.

On the off chance that the senior military official who drove in the attack of Caleb Kudah had raised to a Commanding Officer of 64 Infantry Regiment, those troopers who went out of control in Wa would have reconsidered prior to releasing ruthlessness on unarmed, peaceful residents approaching their typical obligations”, he said.

Mr Awuni declared that Ghanaian are now discontent with the current monetary difficulty and the activity and inaction of the police just serve to fuel an all around awful circumstance.

“Ghanaians are as of now furious about the financial difficulty and the day by day wreck they are exposed to because of the times of fumble.

Continue to empty fuel into the fire by permitting the military, purported public safety agents and gathering hooligans dressed with the force of the state to keep on manhandling the residents you committed to ensure… So act. Furthermore, stop the careless killings and brutalities”, he cautioned.

In the meantime, the brutalization of certain occupants of Wa has been met with judgment by numerous Ghanaians, particularly via online media.