“A 2-year prison term for any landlord who takes rent for over a half year” – Rent Control


The Public Relation Officer (PRO) for the Rent Control Department Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu has cautioned property managers not to take lease for more than 6months.

As per the PRO, any property manager who is seen as liable of requiring over a half year lease is probably going to be imprisoned for a very long time.

He clarified that taking rent isn’t a road for them to recover all their monies utilized in setting up the structure.

“Any individual who as a state of the award, re-establishment or continuation of a tenure requests on account of month to month or more limited occupancy, the instalment ahead of over a month’s lease or on account of tenure surpassing a half year, the instalment ahead of over a half year’s lease will be liable of an offence and will upon conviction by the proper lease judge be responsible to a fine not surpassing 500 punishment unit or in default detainment term not surpassing 2 years or both,” he expressed.

One thing that has been disturbing numerous individuals in the nation is the choice by certain landowners and landowners to require a couple of years advance as lease.

Residents have whined that this demonstration by the landowners and landowners drive them to rest on the road, when the rules that everyone must follow request that no property manager takes lease for over a half year.