“Ghana Water Company is the main cause of the challenges we faced in fighting Makola fire” Fire Service


The Ghana National Fire Service says the disappointment of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to give water to fight the fire that gutted a three-story working at the Makola Market in Accra represented the degree of harm recorded last Monday.

The Fire Service went through more than five hours engaging the blazes since fire tenders needed to go similar to Achimota, Circle or Kaneshie to get to water.

As per the Service, in spite of the fact that there is a current plan for the Ghana Water Company to supply water through fire hydrants in the focal business area in instances of crises, the last neglected to do as such even after a few calls to them.

Addressing the press, the Chief Fire Officer of the Service, Ekow Blankson accused the Water Company and Electricity Company of Ghana for their lethargy.

We had the first call at 9:41 am [on Monday], however, because of the situation on the ground, we needed additional pumps. It is not to say that the Fire Service went to the grounds without any water. For security purposes, we always rely on ECG to disconnect the power in the area to make sure the responders are safe. It is not to say that they [our team] never went, and they were scared. Rather, we saw the need for them to have more backup so that they can storm the building.”

“Of all the responders, the Ghana National Fire Service was the only fire agency that stormed the building. We had to call for extra pumps. I was very much disappointed because we had an arrangement with Ghana Water Company Limited contractors to supply us with water, unfortunately, they did not come, and the message I had from my operations officer was that the last time they [GWCL] were given coupons instead of cash.”

“If you never complained about receiving coupons instead of cash at that time, but decided to keep quiet until another outbreak of fire to disappoint the Fire Service, it’s quite unfortunate. We had to bring extra resources. The army and police came for protection purposes, Aviation was about to come, but I stopped them because I thought the fire was under control.”