VIDEO: Feyiase driver’s murder; Murderer explains how he killed Uber Driver and cut off his head.


The prime suspect in the homicide of a 33-year-old headteacher of Atonsu-based Rogel Montesorri Basic School says he was propelled by the journey to get rich to carry out that terrible wrongdoing, the police has said.

Rashid Ibrahim, 32, was captured on Sunday after the executed body of the late Israel Agyei Manu was found at Feyiase new site.

As per the police, he told examiners he followed up on affirmations of certain individuals he counseled to bring a human head for cash custom.

“Recently (Sunday) after the episode, we had a hint that he was the one behind the killing of this man of honor so we immediately captured him. At first, he denied the episode; he denied it that he was the one behind it and argued justification.

“During additional meetings and addressing, he separated and really admitted, adding that he perpetrated the wrongdoing alone,” ASP Godwin Ahianyo, Public Relations Officer of Ashanti Regional Police Command uncovered.

The police said, Rashid had prior denied his contribution however later drove police to recover a cleaver he purportedly used to butcher the perished headteacher.

He had purportedly looked for the administrations of Mr Agyei Manu with a ride-hailing application.

“[Rashid] drove police to the scene and afterward likewise where he had covered up the blade he utilized in perpetrating the wrongdoing thus police recovered the cleaver also.”

“He referenced a few people to be those that baited him; that they disclosed to him that on the off chance that he needs to bring in cash, he ought to proceed to get the top of an individual and bring it, so they could assist him with getting cash,” ASP Ahianyo added.

A white Toyota Vitz vehicle with enlistment GE 3170 21 was seen left at the scene where the dormant body of the expired, Israel Agyei Manu was found in the Bosomtwe District.

The late Manu functions as a low maintenance driver.

As indicated by ASP Ahianyo, the speculate employed the administrations of the expired to truck a few speakers nearby into his vehicle.

Obscure to the perished, Rashid pulled a blade he had hidden coming and begun assaulting from behind.

“He recruited the administrations of the driver and advised him to lead him to where he could proceed to get his speakers. So when they got to the scene, he requested that he leave the vehicle and stroll with him so he could proceed to get the speakers.

“While they were going, he had then hidden the blade; so he hauled it out and afterward began slicing him with it,” ASP Ahianyo added.

In the interim, Rashid is to be charged soon.