“Used condoms, sanitary towels blocking sewage lines” – Law Court Complex manager


The administration of the Law Court Complex in Accra has uncovered that the ill-advised removal of waste by individuals from the public who utilize the office has made blockage it’s sewage pipes.

A roundabout gave by the court said unfamiliar materials including utilized condoms, sanitary pads and others were found in the sewage lines during an unclogging exercise.

The court demonstrated that regardless of the arrangement of dustbins at the offices, a few clients rather flush unfamiliar materials down the channels.

In recent times, we have experienced blockages in our sewage lines as a result of the improper disposal of waste. Sachet water bags, used sanitary towels wrapped in polythene bags, used condoms, used paper hand towels were all found in the sewage lines,” the assertion said.

The board has, in this way, asked the general population to utilize receptacles gave in the washrooms of the Court Complex.

Please take note that these items are to be disposed off by placing them in the dustbin provided in the washrooms.

Lets us all help to keep the Law Court Complex clean and safe,” the reminder implored general society.