“You sell your water instead of using it to fight fire” – Water Company ‘blasts’ Fire Service


The administrator of the Accra East part of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Emmanuel Johnson has attacked the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) for accusing their shortcoming in battling the fire flare-up at Makola on them

Tending to a public interview on Thursday, July 8, 2021, he said the GWCL can’t be accused since every one of the hydrants they GNFS asserted were not working were really working.

He told writers that the GWCL was shocked to see GNFS tenders marching into the Accra East Regional Office to bring water to battle the fire; when there was water streaming inside the entire Central Business District

As per him, the hydrants were in acceptable working condition.

He revealed that the fire administration made more than 12 outings to bring water from the workplace on Monday through to Wednesday to battle the fire.

e likewise uncovered the GWCL has had a few commitments with the GNFS and has consistently forewarned them to forgo bringing water from GWCL fire hydrants and offering it to individuals from general society.

“It is public knowledge that the fire tenders which are supposed to be used specifically for firefighting are being abused. We have incidences littered across the length and breadth of the country, where officials of the GNFS sell water to the public and have complained to their offices and even some of their officials have come to our office to volunteer information to GWCL”.

As far as he might be concerned, the GWCL has released its obligation by giving sufficient hydrants in the Central Business District and all regions inside the city, guaranteeing that the hydrants are in acceptable condition promptly accessible for use by the GNFS

“Thus, fulfilling our obligation as a company. Upon similar allegations against the GWCL in 2018, the GWCL requested for an audit of all the fire hydrants in the country, so together with the Ministry of Interior, we could have the faulty ones, as claimed by the GNFS repaired”.

“Fine people, of the press, the GWCL is as yet hanging tight for the reaction from the GNFS”.

“Ghana Water Company can not be accused at all, for the powerlessness of the GNFS to drench the fire on Monday to the assumptions for the overall population. The GNFS ought to stick to their Standard Operation Procedures and quit faulting others for their weaknesses.”