“NPP’s communication device deadened” Koku Anyidoho comments on spousal allowance


Koku Anyidoho has chastised the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Government for its correspondence loss of motion in the issues with respect to spousal payment of the President and the Vice President of the country.

As per him, legitimate communication might have captured the questions and discussion encompassing the instalments to be made to these people who additionally assume key parts in the country.

He noticed that throughout the long term, First and Second women have been paid remittances casually and what the current government tries to do is to formalize these installments.

In any case, conveying it to individuals of Ghana went poorly and that has produced a few discussions on friendly and established press

Government needs to convey well. What government needs to do is that this load of casual instalments which have been done throughout the long term, let us regularize it so that later on when a Nebuchadnezzar comes in he will not say he has rejected instalment of first and second women.

“This load of things are been done in some casual structure effectively as far as recompenses, as far as dealing with them. There’s a great deal of Informal things occurring”, he said in an interview.

“As far as he might be concerned, to carry the make a difference to rest, the public authority needs to send a bill to Parliament which when passed will formalize these installments and furthermore carry matters to rest.

Release them through the appropriate interaction, send a bill to Parliament and on the off chance that it passed, this matter will be brought to rest. Since there is no law backing this, that is the thing that has made a lacuna”, he said.