VIDEO: Moesha Boduong attempts suicide; rescued by 4 strong men


It seems Moesha Boduong, the former changed Ghanaian socialite a month prior, is going through incredible mental injury in the wake of giving her life to Christ.

The ‘former’ Slay Queen was limited by 4 tough men after she attempted to end it all by bouncing off the top of a structure.

Addressing the young men who safeguarded her, she asserts she did horrendous things when she was on the planet, including providing little youngsters to wedded men for sex, alluring men for abundance and properties, and so on.

Moesha Boduong likewise said she smokes small, sniff cocaine, and did a ton of horrendous things when she was not a Christian.

The youthful Christian who was protected from ending it all advised her previous partners in the Slay Queen business to apologize on the grounds that damnation anticipates them.

Moesha Boduong even admitted she has even sold every one of her vehicles, house, and properties and gave the cash to her congregation. She currently utilizes Trotro at whatever point she goes anyplace.