VIDEO: If something happens to Moesha, Her blood is in ur hands — Afia Schwar to Akrobeto & Critics


Ghanaian social media talkative/actress Afia Schwar has expressed disappointment in the actions of veteran actor Akrobeto on live television.

Akrobeto was hosting his satire program ‘Real News‘ on UTV over the weekend and decided to share his opinion on Moesha Buduong’s repentance.

The comic actor mocked Moesha badly and trolled church members who were falling under her anointing when she was singing and worshiping God at the church.

He questioned why Moesha suddenly decided to give her life to Christ and said although it is good to repent, many celebrities are using that medium for their own gains which he is against.

Akrobeto cited Nana Agradaa’s claiming to have repented and now a baptized evangelist of God.

The opinion of Akrobeto has angered actress Afia Schwar, who has said the actor has no right to mock a repented sinner on national television.