“It is no more honourable to hold ‘Honourable’ title due to the behaviour of the likes of Ken Agyapong”- Murtala Mohammed


Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central Constituency on the ticket of National Democratic Congress (NDC) Murtala Mohammed has given public notification of an adjustment of title.

The MP in an interview said being alluded to as H’onourable’ has no pride in Ghana, in contrast to different nations.

The MP said he was frustrated about the utilization of the fair title by some Ghanaian pioneers.

As per him, even individuals who lose election races actually hold the title ‘Honourable’ which he finds belittling.

He expressed that misbehaviours by certain MPs have likewise scratched the decent title in the country.

He made a particular accentuation on the direct action of MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong portraying his public expressions as unparliamentary.

“I expect honorable to be absolutely honourable, but the conduct of characters like Kennedy Agyapong is dishonourable and there is now no pride wanting to be associated with that title

“One of the reasons I insisted that I should not be addressed as honorable is because of the conduct of people like Kennedy Agyapong, it is such a pride to be associated and identified as an honorable but in our country, even when someone contests Assembly Man and loses, he is called honorable”

Besides, he has approached general society to allude to him as Comrade Murtala Mohammed.

“Call me Murtala or Comrade Murtala. I do the work as I do as a representative of the people of Tamale Central, those titles mean nothing to me.”