Bird Flu Alert: Seven farms affected in Ghana


Dr Patrick Abakeh, Director, Veterinary Services Directorate, says seven ranches have so far been influenced by the Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) in the country.

On the whole, 5,811 birds passed on normally on the influenced ranches, while the Veterinary Services obliterated 4,500 birds, he said.

The Director said the illness influenced five homesteads in Greater Accra with 3,167 birds dead normally and 300 obliterated.

It influenced one homestead in the Central Region with 2,400 birds kicking the bucket normally and 4,200 obliterated.

It likewise influenced one homestead in the Volta Region, with 224 birds dead normally.

Dr Abakeh, in a meeting with the Ghana News Agency, said the bird influenza infection was first recognized on July 6 and tests taken to the research center and affirmed on July 8, 2021.

An assertion from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture affirmed the episode of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza illness in the three locales.

The Ministry, thusly, proclaimed an all out prohibition on the importation of poultry and poultry items from adjoining nations where the pervasiveness of the sickness had been affirmed.

It has likewise positioned a prohibition on the development of poultry and poultry items inside and from the influenced locales and areas to different pieces of the nation, and exacting review and issuance of grants to cover the development of all poultry and poultry items from unaffected pieces of the country.

“The zoonotic idea of the sickness calls for public alarm and watchfulness to alleviate the conceivable effect on the poultry business and general wellbeing, overall,” the assertion forewarned.

It encouraged residents to report any strange passings of homegrown poultry and wild birds to the closest Veterinary Office and public experts for public security.

General society ought to likewise stay away from the treatment of dead birds with exposed hands and devour just very much cooked poultry meat and poultry items.

“The episode of the illness follows the identification of comparable cases in adjoining nations since January 2021,” it said.

“Through powerful observation and infectious prevention the board, the Veterinary Services Directorate has forestalled the augmentation of the illness into Ghana as of not long ago.”

It noticed that instances of the Bird Flu illness were recently recorded in 2007, 2015, 2016 and 2018, with huge financial effect on influenced poultry ranchers.

The assertion said the Ministry was additionally heightening public mindfulness and sensitisation through the Regional Coordinating Councils and District Assemblies, particularly in the influenced regions.

It, notwithstanding, encouraged the public not to freeze in light of the fact that the Veterinary Services Directorate was finding a way all the fundamental ways to contain the flare-up and spread of the sickness.

It asked general society to contact Dr Abakeh on telephone number 020-8240734 for additional data.

The Center for Disease Control clarified that the sickness was brought about by contamination with avian (bird) flu (influenza) Type An infections.

These infections happen normally among wild sea-going birds worldwide and can taint homegrown poultry and other bird and creature species.

Avian seasonal infections don’t regularly taint people.

Nonetheless, irregular human diseases with avian seasonal infections have happened.