“CHEAP, GOOD FOR NOTHING PAIR” Captain Smart mocks Kennedy Agyapong and Kweku Annan


During NET 2 TV’s “The Seat” show yesterday Kwaku Annan showed a letter from the Christian Service University College demonstrating that Captain Smart attempted to seek after a degree in their establishment.

The letter read that they became acquainted with the testament moderator by Captain Smart was phony subsequently denied him confirmation.

Responding to the claim, Captain Smart on his online media timetable taunted Kennedy Agyapong and Kwaku Annan alluding to them as “Cheap Pair”.

As per him, the letter they displayed on the program has been denied by the said organization way back in October 2020.

Captain Smart proceeded with that since Kennedy Agyapong and his host have nothing against him, they attempted to assault him with that phony letter.

Earlier Captain Smart stated that he has been advised by some big men not to respond to comments from Kwaku Annan and his boss Kennedy Agyapong.

His post reads: “Now it’s evident Kennedy Agyapong and his host are not but CHEAP, GOOD FOR NOTHING PAIR. CHRISTIAN SERVICE HAS DENIED KNOWLEDGE OF THIS IN OCTOBER 2020. You see you have nothing to use against me just a cheap old fake document. Hahahahaha. Why did u cover some part. This came out last year. Very cheap people. Hahahahahah. Do proper investigations and don’t rely on fake documents. Hahahahahah. I laugh enter my bedroom.”