Man Almost Masturbates Himself To Death After Suffering Stroke As A Result Of The Act


A man almost died from masturbation when he suffered a stroke not long after ejaculating. 

The single 51-year-old Japanese was said to be in the habit of pleasuring himself several times a day, according to the medical report published in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases. 

However, one of those times when he masturbated, he suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage where a sudden increase in blood pressure causes bleeding to occur in the fluid-filled spaces of the brain. 

The man is said to have instantly suffered painful “thunderclap” headaches after climax, and later began vomiting. 

In spite of this, he managed to check himself into the Nagoya University Hospital in Japan. 

A CT scan confirmed that he had a subarachnoid hemorrhage as had been indicated by the symptoms of low blood pressure and disorientation.

He miraculously survived the life-threatening stroke but was required to stay in hospital for two weeks before recovering.