VIDEO: Archipalago Calls Out Twene Jonas As He Sends Strong Message To Him


Twene Jonas who’s presently battling Ghanaian politicians for not taking care of the issues of the nation well has acquired foes and simultaneously won numerous hearts.

He’s at present being pursued by Ghanaian socialite, Archipalago for offending pioneers and carrying on with a phony way of life.

In one of the recordings of Twene Jonas, he was busted admitting to an individual Ghanaian in the U.S that his tirades via web-based media are intentionally for preferences and perspectives.

He anyway added that the gloating about carrying on with a lavish way of life outside Ghana is only for clout and not a lot.

All things considered, Archipalago has posted a video on the gram getting down on Twene Jonas to come out and answer a few inquiries with respect to the steady assaults on Ghanaian pioneers.

In the mean time, some Ghanaians on the gram have dispatched an assault on Archipalago saying that he’s desirous in light of the fact that Twene Jonas has taken his patterns.