VIDEO: “If you want to go broke in life, borrow from the bank “ Hon Kennedy Agyapong advises the youth.


Outspoken MP for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has again blamed the system for the current hardships in the country.

From his narrative, the system has not been helping the citizens and therefore makes him feel guilty. In the field of unemployment, the law maker made a comparison between a graduate in the US and Ghana.

His daughter after graduating Cornell University, started working after two days. But in the country, a graduate can be in the house for as long as 10 years without securing a job. This therefore makes him feel guilty, as the unfavorable nature of the systems in the country does not give room for investors and employers to set up businesses in the country. 

Although he applauded his party for the works they’re doing, he again blasted them for some of the unpardonable actions from the Government.

The MP raised an issue with the banking sector and according to him, one advise he can give the youth with regards to being stable is to never go for loan from the banks, as that will be a sure way of being broke.

The interest rate and the demands attached to one securing a loan is unbearable, and therefore care must be taken before one goes for a loan.