VIDEO: I am a divorcee; Little has been my lover for the past 4 years – Lady with Gym Instructor


The married woman who was with the gym instructor who was killed in his home has broken her silence on the whole incident.

Last week, a resident of Tantra Hills a suburb in Accra woke up to the news that a gym instructor in the area identified as Little was shot by some unknown assailant who visited his home.

Report after the incident indicated that Little is likely to have been killed because he was having an affair with a married woman.

According to some friends in the area, they had warned Little about his affair with the lady but he has always brushed them aside.

Well, the lady in question has broken her silence narrating everything that happened before her lover’s life was cut short.

Speaking in an interview, she narrated that on that day, she had visited Little at around 9:30 pm to spend some quality time as she always does.

According to the lady, she is not married as some people are saying but she has been divorced for the past eight years and only started having an affair with Little some four years ago.

After some time, she noticed a strange shadow moved behind the room prompting her to notify her boyfriend about the strange movement.

She continued that Little brushed it off saying it might be cats playing and not anything serious.

She explained that she doubted the ‘cats playing’ theory as she thought it was the shadows of, what she called, bad boys wanting to catch a glimpse of what may be happening in their room.

Before this moment, Little was in the washroom while she laid on his bed, waiting for him to see her off as she did not plan to spend the night with him.

The lady revealed that though her deceased lover calmed her, she saw him grab a kitchen knife so she went back to bed.

Shortly after, She heard the sound of a key.

“The next thing I heard was a key crack and I heard ‘who is that’s in Twi. At the same time, it was like someone trying to push the door as Little also tried to push back then I heard a gunshot,” she recounted.

“Then I heard him mentioning my name, saying they’ve shot me; they’ve shot me,” she narrated with a deep groan.

As Little screamed with his hands on his chest, she said his attackers pushed him into the bedroom with guns pointed at both of them.

At this time, she had rushed to her boyfriend’s rescue but was pushed back onto the bed with a gun to her head.

The attackers, numbering three in the room, then demanded their phones and money, a demand to which she obliged.

Watch the video below: