Man Promises To Take Daniel “Fufu King” To Canada Through Adoption


A Ghanaian-Canadian-based man has promised to take the young schoolboy who became popular on social media for taking “Fufu” as an Our Day to school to Canada through adoption.

Social media is one of the powerful platforms that can make and unmake people. Many talented people have been identified through social media. It appears that the story of a young kid with a mentally unstable parent is about to change due to the power of social media.

It would be recalled that a few days ago, a schoolboy called Oswald made headlines on social media pages and media outlets after over 40 big companies drove to his school to surprise him with goodies for his “our day” celebration. Many people however criticized the actions of the company and urged these companies to lend a helping hand to the poor and street children instead of the rich.

In the course of the day, while people were still admiring Oswald, the video of a little boy located in a remote area, Bosomtwi-aAtewirna-Kwawoma in the Ashanti Region called Daniel popped up on social media where he was seen with “fufu” in school as his our day food.

A philanthropist identified as Wendy Boatemaa Ofori shared the video and images with a mentally unstable mother where many got emotionally attracted to. The image which was spotted by a Ghanaian-Canadian-based man has however promised to adopt him and sent him to Canada to better his life.