VIDEO: Bawumiah reason up – Captain Smart fires Vice President over ‘Demons And Principalities Attack’ comment.


Ghana’s Vice President, Bawumia has revealed that the economy is being attacked by demons and principalities.

According to Bawumia in an address at an event, it is not an easy task building the fundamental economy of Ghana and when one enters the public sector, you would realize that the battle is not only physical but spiritual.

He said that building the fundamentals of the economy lies in putting in place that system that promotes accountability, transparency and fights corruption.

He assured Ghanaians that the Nana Addo-led government is working passionately to make right the wrongs done by ex-president, John Mahama.

With respect to the huge borrowing and rising debt stock, Bawumia said, although they are working so hard to fix the economy, they are being attacked on all sides by unseen spirits and demonic entities.

Captain Smart has reacted to the vice President’s comment that the economy is under Demons attack.