Beverly Afaglo in tears as fire burns down everything in her house (VIDEO)


The Ghanaian entertainer wedded to Choirmaster of Praye popularity has been brought to tears following the fire occurrence which has asserted all effects in her home. In recordings located, the fire bulldozed down the whole top of the structure.

Sharing the tragic information on the catastrophe which happened today, Beverly says she has now been left with the solitary dress she was wearing since everything of hers is scorched to cinders. “My house burnt down to ashes within 4hrs …… Everything gone,” she composed.

Describing a portion of the things she has lost, she said “my passports, clothes, shoes, bags, wigs, jewelry, perfumes, my furniture, my kitchen everything gone. My kids’ room and all their clothes everything is gone. I’m left with what I wore out that’s all”.

As indicated by her, there was no loss. “Say thanks to God there are no losses except for where do I begin from?”.