“The chieftaincy position was preordained by God” Obofowaa reveals [+VIDEO]


Rev. Francis Antwi popularly known as Rev Obofour has been enstooled as a chief in Accra. And there had been some negative comments with regards to the enstoolment but the wife of the man of God now Chief has chastised them.

According to her, the chieftaincy position given to the husband which had indirectly qualified her to be queen explained that she was exposed to the name even before the enstolment and therefore she strongly believes in the divine nature of it.

She added that her husband was called by that name in the house and therefore the traditional council fulfiled a prophecy from God.


A ceremony was held over the weekend to enstool the founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) as a Ga Sempe Mantsɛ at Bortianor. The man of God can now be addressed as Nii Adotey Gyata 1, his stool name.

According to the Bortianor traditional community, the decision to enstool Obofour as a chief is to appreciate his philanthropic activities and significant impact on the community.

The enstooling ceremony happened within 2 days for the traditional rites to be performed. On day 1, Rev Obofour was picked up on Saturday evening by men from the Bortianor traditional council and on Sunday, he was out doored at a mini-festival.

The wife of the affluent Ghanaian preacher, Ciara Antwi, was present at the ceremony which also her being dressed as Queen Mother of the Bortianor traditional community.