“If the prophecy from Cecilia Marfo was from God, she would have waited” Joyce Blessing finally reacts [+VIDEO]


OneGhanaonline news portal reported of a story of Joyce Blessing being disgraced by Cecilia Marfo during a ministration.

From the story, Joyce Blessing was on stage ministering, and out of nowhere Cecilia Marfo jumped on stage and snatched the microphone from her. 

She continued to deliver a message which according to her is from God.  One message which was prominent was for Joyce to go back to her husband. It was during that period Joyce Blessing was going through divorce. 

“I really was going through a lot and to experience that from an elder in ministry and age, it had much effect on me” she said. 

According to her, she didn’t react because of the status of the one delivering the message. She took her as elder and therefore give much respect. 

“When I was growing up, my mother used to tell me not to interrupt anytime an elder is speaking. So I have had that training which had been part of me, that pushed me to not react or interject when she was speaking.   Again, I had much respect for her because of her age too” she expressed. 

Lastly she expressly confessed that she never believed the prophecy because she knew it was not from God. And to her if it was from God, He would have given her the proper way of delivering that message.