“The management of ‘Kumerican’ artistes should protect and utilize on their hit songs” DJ Slim [+VIDEO]


Radio personality DJ Slim of Radio One, raised an allegation that fast rising rappers, Yaw Tog, Amerado, Kofi Jamar and other young acts were not given much remuneration for their show in the UK.

According to him, his sources revealed that they were given not more than 500 pounds for the show.

In an interview on OneGhanaTV, DJ slim has thrown more light on that statement and given analysis on why the management of those artiste should be protected.

From his standpoint, it is not easy for an artiste to get a hit song, and even after the hit song, the probability of getting another one is unlikely.

Therefore he is urging the management of the Kumerican artistes to utilize on the hit songs not knowing what the future holds. He made references of some artiste who under utilized their one hit songs, which later became their loss.

Therefore his view as a follower and ardent analyst of mucic, it is expedient for the management to protect and let them benefit from the hit songs.