VIDEO: “Your godfather Rev. Obofuor sent people to my house and begged me to stop” Afia Schwar fires


If one presumes the beef between Afia Schwar and Ayaisha Modi is ending anytime soon, then we ask that such an individual picks a chair and enjoys the new revelations popping up.

According to Afia Schwar, the controversial media personality, she might let go of the beef as Rev. Obofuor, the one the beef is surrounding has officially surrendered.

From her narration, Rev. Obofuor knowing very well she has all the secrets, sent a delegation to her house to beg. Not only that, he personally called her around 1 pm to beg her to stop.

She again ranted and rained insults on Ayisha for trying to use her to trend. Comparatively, her last born’s past is far better than the future of Ayisha as the small money she sent cannot pull a string in her house according to her.