VIDEO: “He needs to be arrested “ Prophet Oduro blasts ‘kissing’ Anglican priest


Founder and head of the Alabaster International Ministries, Pastor Kofi Oduro has come out to talk on the issue of the Anglican cleric who was seen kissing understudies in broad daylight.

Minister Oduro tossed an inquiry at the cleric posing to him that; how might he go that far? He rhetorically questioned how a priest could make such an even unfold in broad daylight.

As indicated by Pastor Oduro, it is extremely offensive to see an individual minister do something like this in broad daylight.

He said that he has known about the sort of things that a few ministers do however he never envisioned that, a minister will kiss women before an assemblage.

Minister Oduro further proceeded to encourage his kindred ministers to mind the sort of things they do, particularly when they are remaining before an assemblage.