“Create departments in the security sector specifically for us” President of Ghana Shortest Association pleads


The president of the Ghana Shortest Association, Paul Sarpong known as Paul Gee has raised concerns of the neglect the Government has directed at them.

According to him in an interview with OneGhanaTV, they played a huge role in supporting the current president after many attacked him for being challenged in height.

Paul Gee pleaded for the group and called on the Government to consider them when it comes to Government works. He again made suggestions to Nana Addo, to reconsider and set up a sector in the security force, specifically for people like him.

“I wish the President Nana Addo will take our plea into consideration and create a sector in the security services for us. We cannot do the outdoored activities in these securities sector, but we can work behind the computer and also work in the office. Therefore, such sectors must have people like us in mind, since some of us have the qualification to work,” he stressed.

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