VIDEO: Ken Agyapong flies to USA as he hires lawyers to sue Kevin Taylor for defamation


Kennedy Agyapong has vowed to take legal actions against Kevin Ekow Taylor for accusing him of murder.

The Assin Central MP says he is heading to the United States of America to seek redress in court over numerous accusations made against him by the social commentator.

Kevin Taylor for over a year now has been accusing the NPP legislator of killing the late Hon. J.B Danquah Adu and journalist Ahmed Suale.

The accusations have become one two many and the legislator has vowed to deal with him to it logical conclusion.

Speaking on last night’s edition of the Seat on NET 2 TV television, he says he is going to hire the best lawyer in America to make sure Kevin Taylor is punished.

The host of “With All Due Respect” Kelvin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has bared his teeth out at the Hon. member of parliament Kennedy Agyapong for his persistent attack on people who try to expose corruption and bad deeds of the current government.

Last year, investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas was the one having a banter with the honorable member with the MP releasing a video of Anas Aremeyaw Anas allegedly taking bribes to influence his investigation.

Well, this time, the MP has taken it to Kelvin Taylor saying he is too young to insult the President and some of his ministers and has vowed to go down the gutters with Kelvin Taylor whiles insulting him and his parents.

But Kelvin Taylor on his show called out the loudmouth MP and told him he has chosen the wrong meat in the person of him(Kelvin Taylor) to mess with because that is the end of his noise-making and public rants.

According to Kelvin Taylor, he has facts and proofs to expose the politician as a bigtime cocaine dealer and someone who hides behind the government to do bad things including the killing of both JB Danquah Adu and Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

He describes the NPP scribe saying he looks like a 1962 box iron who just makes noise just to get people to fear him but have nothing up his sleeves.