“Exercise, not Dr. Obengfo, is responsible for my body and form” Florence Obinim


Florence Obinim, a famous Ghanaian Gospel artist and the wife of Angel Daniel Obinim, has refuted accusations that her recent shift in shape and form is the product of body augmentation.

Her new form and “coca-cola” shape, she claims, are the consequence of her constant workout.

Florence Obinim stated in an interview with NSHI TV that she took after her mother, who had problems with her knee due to the size of her buttocks, and so accusations that she had improved her physique are incorrect.

“I inherited my mother’s form, so those who knew both her and myself will not be surprised by my current appearance. I resolved not to have a huge stomach after having my children, therefore I work out on a regular basis,” she said.

Florence Obinim did not understand why Ghanaians are so critical of individuals who have achieved success, adding that she will continue to do what makes her happy while on earth and is certain of entering paradise when the time comes.

The woman of God thinks that God blesses, and it is critical that people appreciate and not be envious of God’s blessings on the lives of others, since their time will come if they enjoy the success of others.