WATCH: “I was crying every day until I began to listen to your songs” Fan shares an emotional story with Kofi Kinaata


A die-hard fan of Kofi Kinaata has finally met her favorite artiste as she shares an emotional story with the musician. The woman who has been making videos with the songs of Kinaata revealed when she totally fell in love with his songs.

According to her, she has three kids with the last one being autistic thereby causing him to always laugh but not talk or speak with anyone including his mother. Continuing with the story, the woman explained that she had been crying almost every day with the condition of her son until she began to listen to the songs of Kofi Kinaata.

“I had booked surgery for my son, and when he was taken to the theatre to be operated on, I rushed to a room to cry my heart because I was tired of the condition of my son. While crying, another woman’s son came to the room crawling. After seeing the condition of the child, I started playing your song which was a message to me at that moment ” she expressed emotionally.