“Makeup is not evil” – Obaapa Christy


Obaapa Christy, a gospel musician, has debunked claims made by Christian opponents that makeup is sinful and can lead to damnation.

According to the gospel singer, there is nothing wrong with a lady using makeup to enhance her attractiveness if she has no malicious motive.

On Monday, September 13, 2021, on Accra100.FM’s mid-morning broadcast Ayekoo Ayekoo, the W’agye me hitmaker observed that dressing up for God’s job even honors His name.

“Everything I have is by grace, even my Makeup is by grace, and I do my own makeup,” she told host Nana Romeo.

“Someone told me Makeup was wicked and evil and that those who use Makeup may even end up in hell, yet today, she is the one who wears heavy Makeup and exposes her hands and cleavage,” the award-winning gospel performer stated when asked if using Makeup as a Christian was not sinful.

“What I’m trying to convey is that watch what you say; just because you don’t know how to apply makeup doesn’t mean it’s awful.

What determines whether something is good or harmful is the motivation behind it. Despite the fact that I’ve put on makeup and am speaking to children of God, I haven’t made up my mind to sin in order to glorify God…”