VIDEO: Kwaku Manu finally breaks silence over alleged divorce from his wife


Kwaku Manu has subtly reacted to reports making the rounds that he and his US-based wife, with whom he has four kids, have separated.

In a post on Instagram, the blogger disclosed that Kwaku Manu and his wife have reportedly gone their separate ways in dramatic circumstances.

Barely 24 hours later, Kwaku Manu has also taken to social media to respond to the widespread reports, well indirectly.

In a self-recorded video, the comic actor who appeared remorseful about some decisions he’s made in life urged people to be careful about who they provide assistance to.

While making sly innuendoes, Kwaku Manu suggested that people should exercise some restraints when helping others in need because they could sometimes be dangerous amid the pity they incite with their stories.

His remarks subtly allude that he has learned from his mistakes and has decided to let go off the hook finally.