BEEF ALERT: “I dare you to speak again and I’ll release your audios” Top Kay lashes out on Big Akwes[+VIDEO]


What can be described as the new beef between musician and fetish priest, Top Kay and actor Big Akwes.

Big Akwes in an interview with OneGhanaTV described Top Kay as daft and that his relationship with Lil Win was that of a master and servant. He again used insulting words on Top Kay.

Top Kay has also come out in defense and retaliatory remark on Big Akwes. He also described him as an old man with no sense and that, the only thing he’s capable of, is achieving nothing.

In an exclusive interview with OneGhanaTV, Top Kay dared Big Akwes to come out again and rain insults on him and he’ll surely be exposed of his abominable acts.