VIDEO: “Nigerian movie industry players met, with me as their topic of discussion” Agya Koo reveals


Kofi Adu, also known as Agya Koo, is an actor and comedian in Ghana. He has made appearances for over 200 Ghanaian movies in the country.

According to the legend actor/politician, the movie industry players in the country are divided which in effect has caused the fall of the said industry.

He ascribed such outcome to the division among the actors and actresses. Sharing memories of how the industry was during his peak season, the actor described such phase as pure display of talent phase since social media had not been introduced in the country.

It was during that period that CDs were active and there was much competition between Nigerian movies and Ghanaians movies.

The actor revealed that Mr Ibu from Nigeria confessed to him of how the Nigerian industry had met to discuss on he, Agya Koo has been causing the decrease in sales of Nigerian movies.