Ghana’s Covid 19 vaccination certificate is to be recognized by the UK from today, Monday (11-10-2021)


With effect from Monday, October 11, 2021, Ghana will be removed from the United Kingdom (UK) government’s red list of COVID-19 high-risk countries.
From Monday, the UK will recognize the country’s Covid 19 vaccination certificate.

This means that no self-isolation, pre-departure testing, or day-old testing will be required for Ghanaians entering the UK.

According to Ms. Harriet Thompson, the UK High Commissioner to Ghana, this will make it considerably easier for Ghanaians to enter the UK.

“For those countries whose citizens are not able to enter the UK, there are big changes to the vaccine certification. So again from Monday, the vaccine certificates issued in Ghana after vaccination will be recognized by the UK system which means no self-isolation, no pre-departure test, and no day-old test, so it will be much easier for persons from Ghana to enter the UK”, she stated

Ghana is one of 47 countries and territories that have been removed from the list. Passengers returning to England from these locations will no longer be needed to pass through quarantine at a hotel.

Ms. Thompson, speaking on Citi TV’s Breakfast Daily program in Accra, said the UK is eager to open up international travel as rapidly as possible, and as a result, the government is revising all the laws governing individuals entering the UK.

“There are different rules for people coming into the UK. We are really keen to open up international travel as quickly as possible and also safely. So we are changing all the rules. So now there is no amber and green list, there is a red list and the rest of the world. And as it was announced on [Thursday], there is no African country at all on that list.”

The UK had segmented countries into green, amber, and red lists, each carrying different degrees of restrictions for arrivals back to Britain.

A British citizen traveling from a green and amber list was not required to undergo a mandatory quarantine.

Travelers arriving in the UK from countries on the red list were denied entry while returning Britons were to submit to 10 days of mandatory quarantine in hotels.